The most common cause of major mechanical failure in modern cars is the transmission failing, not the engine.

Automatic transmissions need flushing & servicing every 40,000kms. Automatic transmissions typically fail due to internal overheating. This is usually a direct result of poor maintenance.

Fluid leaks from an automatic transmission can sometimes be confused with engine oil. Transmission fluid is usually deep red in colour. Our mechanics can provide a vehicle health check which will confirm what you need to look for.

Warnings signs of a failing transmission:

  • A delay in take-off

  • Shudder

  • Shifts aren’t as smooth

  • Reverse gear is particularly stubborn

A transmission fluid leak doesn’t need long to cause major damage. Once the oil has leaked out, it overheats and provides inadequate protection for most modern automatic transmissions. Effectively causing the transmission to cook from the inside out like a microwave! As there is no warning light for transmission faults, you will find our vehicle health check extremely helpful as we will advise you on the life left in your transmission oil.

Automatic Transmission servicing will help extending the life of your transmission and in most cases provide smoother gear changes. We only use Premium high-grade fully synthetic transmission fluid.

This servicing should be more frequent if you’re often using your vehicle to tow or haul heavy loads as it can cause early transmission failure

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