How it works

Ask to pay with Genoapay at the checkout

Firstly, you need to create an account and get pre-approval. Then you can ask to use Genoapay at the checkout with our retail and service providers. There’s no extra cost to you. We make our money by charging the merchant a small transaction fee for offering our payment platform.

Ask to pay with Genoapay at the checkout

Click on the link and enter your debit or credit card details to split the total purchase into 10 weekly payments. Payment takes 2 minutes to complete for a first time user, and 30 seconds for every subsequent payment.

Approval in real-time

You don’t need to wait around; we tell you instantly how much you can spend using Genoapay. If you are only approved for an amount less than the total purchase, you can pay a deposit and still pay the rest over 10 weeks.

Get pre-approved today! - At participating Auto Super Shoppes only.

For more information please visit Here.